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Garden with Insight v1.0 Help: modular

A modular organism is like a house made of interlocking toy blocks. Each block (of each type of block) is the same: there might be some roof and wall blocks, some window and door blocks, and some little flower pot blocks, but each roof block is like every other roof block. Plant parts are much like this also.

Each stem internode on the plant works the same way and has the same functions: to raise the leaves (and flowers) to places where they can get sunlight (and get pollinated), and to provide a means for communication between other parts of the plant. Each leaf catches the sun's energy. Each flower has one seed which develops into one fruit. The meristems or buds have the special job of making new plant parts (they are like the toy company).

How it works:
meristem creation of new plant parts
internode growth
leaf growth
flower/fruit growth

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