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Garden with Insight v1.0 Help: xy mode

The graph's xy mode is a special graphing mode in the graph window where the first aspect on the left axis and the first aspect on the right axis are shown together as an xy scatterplot. In xy mode, the right Y axis becomes the X axis. The xy mode is useful for looking at relationships between any two variables.

The graph window in xy mode

To place the graph in xy mode, click the xy mode gif/00000086.gif button at the bottom of the graph window. To return to the time series graph mode, click the time series gif/00000087.gif button.

Note that if you have not selected at least one left axis aspect and one right axis aspect, the xy graph will not have enough information to draw. When this happens, the X axis title will read "(select left and right axis aspects for xy mode)." Also, since a scatterplot does not use lines or colors, the graph item options (e.g., line vs. bar graph) do not apply.

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