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Garden with Insight v1.0 Help: Soil patch next day functions: recalculate water table depth

Water table depth is updated daily unless: 1) the water table updating option is turned off, or 2) the parameter for minimum water table depth (highest rise) for the soil patch is set at a depth lower than the lowest soil layer depth.

Water table depth changes very slowly because it is buffered by the soil above it, so that the effect of a single rainy day is greatly reduced by the time it reaches the water table. The simulation models this using a 30-day running total of water entering the soil (rainfall or snowmelt minus runoff) compared to the 30-day running total of soil evaporation.

Any soil layer completely in the water table is saturated, which means its water content is the same as its porosity, or all its pore spaces are filled with water. A soil layer only partly in the water table is only saturated to the extent that it lies within the water table.

calculation of precipitation, snowmelt, runoff, soil evaporation
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