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Garden with Insight Links

These are some sites related to gardening, agriculture and science education.

Sites that link to us

SeniorWorld: "For Active Seniors in the Digital Age" This site has lots of information for older people, including region-specific articles on gardening, health, and real estate. We found there an article mentioning Garden with Insight.
The South Central Indiana Community Access Network has a link to us on their Gardening page.


The Pollination Home Page: About pollination for fruit growers
Internet Directory for Botany: A searchable index of sites
Survey of the Plant Kingdoms At Manhattan College and the College of Mt. St. Vincent: Much botanical information
How a Corn Plant Grows: Explanation and illustrations of corn growth stages

Meteorology, geography and climate change

Project GeoSim - Geography Education Software: Education modules for introductory geography courses
CIESIN: The Consortium for International Earth Science Information Network
The Forecast Factory A Technique for Teaching Science through Active Learning at NASA
Cooperative Institute For Meteorological Satellite Studies: Weather and climate course notes
WxWise: Educational articles associated with interesting weather phenomena

Ecology and environment

The NatureNode(TM) Online Community: The "One stop website for nature lovers", NatureNode contains information on news, education, shopping, and decision-making related to environmental issues. Includes a seed exchange center, articles, recipes, and web reviews.
PISCES Conservation Ltd.: Ecological software
The Soil and Water Conservation Society
Sustainable Energy: News about sustainable energy


Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations
USDA Nutrient Database for Standard Reference: Search for nutrient values of foods
Forage Information System: Much information on forage agriculture
CIKARD: The Center For Indigenous Knowledge for Agriculture and Rural Development
Alberta Agriculture, Food and Rural Development: Weather and crop information, rural resources
The University of Florida AgriGator: Lists agricultural sites

Agricultural simulation

Web server for Ecological Modelling: Register of Ecological Models
Wageningen Agricultural University, The Netherlands: Agricultural simulation modeling
Virtual Plants: 3D Measurement and Simulation of Morphogenesis using L-Systems
Phygrow: A hydrologic based plant growth simulation model
The EPIC model

General simulation

Winter Simulation Conference Home Page: Simulation in the 21st Century


The Garden Gate: Much on gardening
GardenNet: "Providing the best in information to gardeners worldwide!"
Virtual Garden: Lots of how-to information

Using gardening in science education

The Teaching Garden: Links to many sites for teaching gardening Searchable archive for this newsgroup
National Gardening Association's Kids and Classroms page: Resources for teachers teaching gardening

Design and constructivist educational tools

Invention and Design: Modules for design-based education
LEGO Mindstorms: Robotics Invention System
: Learning by designing games
ConnectedFamily: Seymour Papert's "Connected Family" site

Resources for teachers

Teach!: A multi-media authoring toolkit for the Macintosh
AskERIC: Educational Resources Information Center
Total Knowledge Management's Education Web Search: A searchable database of education-related web sites
Norris Education Innovations Inc.: UnitMaker Software
U.S. Department of Education
BioEd: Biology Education Resources
SciEd: Science and Mathematics Education Resources

Discussion on education

Assessment of Technology in Education: Guide to internet resources on technology in education
Engines for Education: A "Hyper-book" on education reform
Edupage: News about information technology
Center for Lifelong Learning and Design: Research on technology and education

On source code distribution

Open Source: A discussion of open-source software

Science education products

Knowledge Revolution: "Interactive Physics" and other scientific simulations
Socrates Software: Simulations of electricity and other physical phenomena
STELLA: Excellent modeling environment
Rauschert Software - UNIFORM: Software for converting units
Applied Educational Technology: Science Projects workbook


San Francisco Exploratorium
Science North (in Sudbury, Ontario)

Television programs

The Discovery Channel On-Line
PBS learning site

If you would suggest a link to a site involving gardening or science education, send email to

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