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Garden with Insight v1.0 Help: Move the simulation ahead

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If you want to plant any more seeds of different types, do it now. You know how to choose the variety and how to plant the seeds. (Don't plant too many seeds, though, because the more plants you plant, the slower the simulation will run, and the longer it will take for all the plants to redraw. If the program seems to take too long to run or draw, see How to speed up the simulation and How to make the plants draw faster.)

Click the month button twice

Ready to move ahead? Click on the month button on the garden window toolbar. The date will move ahead one day at a time and will stop after a month. If you want to stop before the month is up, click anywhere on the garden picture (under the toolbar on the garden window).

Your plants are growing beautifully, and you aren't doing a thing. Why? Because the plants are all growing optimally. You'll learn about growing plants more realistically later (see the explanation of the simulation options window), but for now, just watch them grow. [If your plants aren't growing well, choose Simulation from the Options menu, then click the Magic button, then click OK.]

Move the simulation ahead one more month by clicking on the month button one more time.

Moving the simulation forward a month by clicking on the month button

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