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Garden with Insight v1.0 Help: Harvest some corn

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Choose the glove action harvest whole

You can harvest either in the garden window or in the browser. First let's harvest some ears of corn in the garden window and pull up one of our corn plants at the same time. If you are holding a tool, drop it. Select the glove action harvest whole in the actions box on the toolbar.

Harvest a whole corn plant

Now move the cursor to the base of a corn plant. You will know when the cursor is at the base of the plant because you will see the leaf cursor gif/00000001.gif. If the ears on that corn plant are ready to harvest, an icon of a corn ear gif/00000025.gif will appear at the base of the corn plant. If the icon that appears looks more like a green blob gif/00000026.gif than a corn ear, it means the ears aren't ready to harvest; run the simulation for another week or two (or three) and try again. When you see the icon of a corn ear, click at the base of the plant. The whole corn plant will disappear, and in the harvest panel at the bottom of the garden window, some corn ears will appear.

Look at the harvest panel

In the harvest panel are all the plant parts you have harvested from the garden, including fruits, leaves, roots, and whole plants. Hold the mouse over the harvested item to see a hint with some information about it. If there are more items in the harvest list than you can see, you can click on the up and down arrows on the harvest panel to see more items.

Harvesting some corn ears

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