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Garden with Insight v1.0 Help: File menu

The File menu includes the commands New, Open, Save, Save as, Print window, Play music, and Exit.

The New command opens a new garden file. Actually, the garden created will not necessarily be empty; it will be a copy of the default garden file, which acts as a template for new gardens. For more information on the default garden see How to change startup file preferences.

The Open command opens an existing garden file. In the dialog that appears, choose a garden file (.gdn) to open, then click OK.

When you create a new garden or open an existing garden, or when you leave the program, the program will warn you to save the garden even if you have not changed anything.

The Save command saves the current garden file.

The Save as command saves the current garden file with a new name. In the dialog that appears, type in a new name for the file (with the extension gdn), then click OK.

The Print window command prints a copy of the garden window, the browser, the graph window, or the harvest window (whichever is on top) to your printer. To print a copy of the browser, graph window, or harvest window, type the shortcut Ctrl-P while the window you want to print is selected. (See How to print a picture of a window for more details.)

The Play music command plays some music to accompany your gardening activities. In the dialog that appears, choose a MIDI music file (.mid), then click OK.

The Stop music command stops any music that is playing.

The Exit command leaves the program. When you exit the program, the exit window appears to ask you if you want to save any files that you have changed. See the documentation on the exit window for help with its choices.

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