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Garden with Insight v1.0 Help: Drag organic matter blobs around

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Look at the organic matter blob

When you have finished harvesting your corn, look back where the plant was; in its place is a greenish blob (gif/00000026.gif). We will refer to this item by its technical name: an "organic matter blob." Organic matter blobs represent the parts of plants that you don't eat. You can drag them around and place them on different soil patches. You might want to designate one soil patch as your compost pile and drag all your organic matter blobs there. As soon as the simulation starts running, each organic matter blob will decay into the soil patch it is lying on.

Drag the organic matter blob

Put down any tool you might be holding, then try dragging the organic matter blob from one soil patch to another. The surface color of the soil patches might change as the amount of mulch on them increases or decreases. Note that you can drag organic matter blobs in any of the glove's tool action modes -- it's not a tool action to drag the organic matter blobs. And organic matter blobs don't have a hint, nor does the cursor change when you move the mouse over them.

Dragging organic matter blob

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