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Garden with Insight v1.0 Help: Harvest some tomatoes

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Use the growcorder on a tomato plant

Now to harvest some of those luscious tomatoes. The close-up picture in the browser allows you to harvest single fruits and leaves. Find a plant that has some tomato fruits on it, and choose it from the list in the browser or click on it with the growcorder. Now you should be looking at the plant in the pictures side of the browser.

[If the pictures side of the browser does not show a drawing of the plant (if it shows plant biomass or stresses), choose "drawing" from the list there. If drawing mode is selected, but you still can't see a tomato plant, the magnification setting may be wrong for the plant -- click the center gif/00000029.gif button to center the plant. If you see information for a soil patch or the weather instead of a plant, choose a tomato plant from the object drop-down list box at the top of the browser. If the plant doesn't have any fruits, click the grow gif/00000033.gif button on the browser above the plant a few times until you see fruit.]

Switch to harvest mode

Start harvest mode by clicking on the harvest gif/00000002.gif button on the pictures side of the browser. The cursor will change to look like a hand.

Harvest some tomatoes

Move the cursor over to the tomato plant. When the cursor is over a ripe tomato fruit, an icon of a tomato fruit will appear. When you see a fruit icon over a fruit on the plant, click. The fruit will disappear from the plant, and the fruit icon will appear in the small plant harvest panel under the plant. Also notice that the fruits you picked also appear in the garden harvest panel as part of the total garden harvest. Harvest some more tomato fruits this way.

Harvest the rest of the tomatoes in the garden window

You can also harvest parts of a plant in the garden window. Let's harvest the rest of the ripe fruits on our tomato plants. Close the browser, then click on the garden window, put down any tool you might be holding, and choose the glove action harvest parts. Now click at the base of a tomato plant. All the mature edible parts of the plant will disappear from the plant, and icons to represent them will appear in the garden harvest panel. The rest of the plant will remain intact, unless the plant has to be pulled up to be harvested (see the Harvest parts tool action for details on this).

End of Phase One

This is the end of the first phase of the tutorial (Simple Tasks). To continue to the second phase (Deeper In), click the >> button at the top of this help window to go to the next tutorial topic.

Harvesting tomato fruits in the browser by clicking on them after choosing harvest mode

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