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Garden with Insight v1.0 Help: harvest items

Harvest items are pieces of information that belong to a plant and describe how the plant is harvested. The types of harvest items for any plant, with examples of plants that have harvest items of that type, are listed below. A question mark means that there are really no plants we can think of that are harvested that way, but the option is available anyway.

whole-plant: broccoli, cauliflower. seedling leaf: ?. leaf: leaf lettuce, celery, leafy vegetables. female inflorescence: ?. male inflorescence: ?. female flower: edible flowers. female flower bud: edible flowers. male flower: edible flowers. male flower bud: edible flowers. axillary bud: Brussels sprouts. fruit: tomato, pea, fruit vegetables. root: carrot, beet, root vegetables. stem: kohlrabi. storage organ: potato.

Harvest items are created and edited using the harvest item editor, which is accessed from the browser.

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