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Garden with Insight v1.0 Help: Edit menu

The Edit menu contains standard editing commands: Undo, Redo, Cut, Copy, and Paste, a special command, Copy window, and commands to open various editors.


Garden with Insight has multiple undo levels up to a maximum you can adjust (in the Display options window). In general, you can undo all tool actions and all changes to data in the browser. Whenever you run the simulation, all undo operations are cleared out because running the simulation changes too many values to allow undo. You usually cannot undo any operations inside dialogs, but you can usually click Cancel to abort your changes in a dialog. (See How to undo an action for more details.)

Cut/Copy/Paste/Copy window

Cut, copy and paste only work for text in input areas. You can cut, copy and paste only text using the standard menu commands.

The Copy window command copies a picture of the garden window, the browser, the graph window, or the harvest window (whichever is on top) to the clipboard. You can then paste the picture into your word processor or paint program to include in a report. To copy a picture of the browser, graph window, or harvest window, type the shortcut Ctrl-I (that's "eye," not "L") while the window you want to print is selected. (See How to copy a picture of a window to the clipboard for details.)


You can use the edit menu to open various editors for information in the garden. Some of the editors can also be opened from other places in the program. The editors you can open from the Edit menu are as follows.

gif/20000000.gif Groups: Opens the group editor, which can also be accessed from the browser.
gif/20000000.gif Harvest items: Opens the harvest item editor, which can also be accessed by editing a harvest item browser component in the browser numbers side.
gif/20000000.gif Harvest reports: Opens the harvest report editor, which can also be accessed from the harvest window.
gif/20000000.gif Templates: Opens the templates editor, which can also be accessed from the simulation options window.
gif/20000000.gif Tools: Opens the tools editor.
gif/20000000.gif Tool parameters: Opens the tool parameter list editor.

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